About Us

At Cape Web Design, we understand that time is a valuable commodity and that is why we make every effort to respond promptly, efficiently and conveniently to each and request. Our motto is “Convenience service trumps cost savings, every time!”.

Because we are so big on providing an enjoyable experience for you, it is without question that being friendly at all times, is at the top of our priority list. A smile is contagious and we’re hopeful that you’ll catch what we’ve got! 🙂

our services


Professional and user friendly designs, that are aesthetically pleasing on all devices


List businesses at the top of Google searches for niche industries, products and services


Online sales and marketing training for small business owners and sole proprietors


Clever and user friendly store designs to give merchants and buyers a pleasant experience


Strategic content creation for social media to increase following and gain trust of potential buyers


Online, telephonic, and instant messaging support channels of communication for support

why choose us

Some key information about Cape Web Design and those behind the brand.

We believe in quality over quantity. An effective design can out-perform extensive information any day of the week. Which is what we bring to all of our projects.

Owner, Lameez Bailey comes from an extensive sales, customer service and account management background, where making sure her clients are satisfied has been her daily task for almost 20 years. She is even more passionate about this when it comes to Cape Web Design’s clients.

If we’re completely honest here, it we’re addicted to studying. That’s why we’re constantly growing and improving on what we currently offer. What we’ve learned, we either share via training or offer as a service.

Cape Web Design take the approach of designing design for our clients and their clients. We ask our clients questions like, “who are your target audiences and how would you like to serve them with your solutions?”.

The vision of Cape Web Design was founded on the concept of providing a solution for small businesses to make use of all platforms for online marketing simultaneously. But, in such a way that it does not take over their lives or exhaut their budgets.

Cape Web Design is Christian-owned and run honestly and ethically. No shady business will be tolerated in any way. Clients can expect the same from us.

see for yourself

Why not try out our services by submitting a no-obligations request for new website design.