Website Designs and Development

Starting with a Website?

"What kind of website would be right for me and my business?"

Well that depend on the type of business you have

  1. Will you be selling products or services online? Then the eCommerce website solution would be your best option.
  2. Does your business provide a skilled service, where you bill for your time? The Service Delivery website solution might work well for you.
  3. Do you offer training and courses online? I’d say, the Online Training website solution would be a great place to start!
  4. Are you in the events industry that requires a booking system and listing events on a calendar? Try out the Events Management website solution.
  5.  Would you like to showcase a gallery beautiful venues? Check out the Travel & Tourism website solution.


An eCommerce or online store is best suited for businesses that are selling products which can either be obtained via download or if shipping of a physical product is feasible for their clientele. An eCommerce system allows the client to conveniently pay for their purchase either by secure card payment or eft payment where proof of payment is accepted by the store. Store items are 

Service Delivery

Businesses who offer their skills and expertise as a service to clients, do well when they have a website that clearly stipulates what kind of services they offer, where they are located and which areas they are willing to go out to, and provide services to clients. A website is also a great platform to record standard service rates so most client questions are answered even before they contact you. This way, service providers can stick to focusing all their energy into providing the service they are skilled at and enjoy doing.

Online Training

Online Training has become more popular and more necessary than ever before. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world forcing governmental leaders across the globe to implement strict lockdown laws and regulation to reduce the spread of this disease, many educational institutes are now restructuring their courses to offer a social distance friendly solution. An online training website is the most sensible and sustainable way to go for them.

Event Management

Event management is not a simple task and, very much like website design, requires customization each and every time. A simple, user-friendly yet beautiful events website can be the ace up any event manager’s sleeve. It can help lighten the load for the event coordinators, their suppliers and clients alike.

Travel & Tourism

What’s the point of living if we can’t enjoy and explore the world for all it’s beauty and glory. The travel and tourism industry are essential our quality of life and that’s why your travel and tourism business needs a website that compliments significance of getting out and enjoying our not-so-everyday environments.  

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