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"How can I market my business online?"

Well that depend on what you would like to achieve with your marketing

  1. Would you like your business website to list as close to the top as possible of Google search? Then, SEO is the most popular solution here.
  2. Would you like to advertise your business on Google, so your business comes up when someone searches for your offerings? Try SEM.
  3. Would you like to improve your credibility in the industry and grow a loyal audience following. That’s right, you guessed. SMM is the way to go. 
  4. Are you looking for the most tried, trusted and highest converting form of online marketing? Then your solution is Email Marketing.
  5.  Do you have tips or advice you can share with your audience which is better shared verbally? Online Events are an excellent form of marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO, is the most popular form of online marketing because it places your business, products and services in front of prospective clients when they are either ready to purchase or close to being ready. Usually very little convincing to sell to a client who find you at the top of a search result on search engines such as Google. 

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM, is similar to SEO, only you pay the search engine to list your business at the top of the search results. This is basically paid ad space, which search engines like Google, offer to businesses who would like the opportunity to receive leads from their extensive user-base.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing or SMM can often be confused with search engine marketing, and that is because most socials media platforms are a search engine in their own rights. However, the social media marketing we are referring to is the kind that builds brand awareness and trust or more recently referred to as “following”. Everyone knows, it’s easier to keep a client than it is to win a client. Therefore this is crucial form of marketing in today’s everything-online age.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest form of online marketing and remains the number 1 form of online marketing due to it’s conversion rate. These days, if you have a client’s email address, you have their trust. Past,  present or future, does not matter, your email contacts are still clients.

Online Events Marketing

Marketing events are not new, but since the pandemic of 2020 online marketing events have just exploded. From virtual conference, to online auctions and online webinars. Businesses are even hosting launch parties and fitness programs online in the form of online engagements and events. New to online forms of marketing, but definitely not last on the list in terms of effectiveness.

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